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Capital Markets for Beginners

Capital Markets for Beginners
Simanovsky S.
Global Finance School
121 страниц

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Simanovsky, S. Capital Markets for Beginners [Электронный ресурс] / S. Simanovsky. — Электрон. дан. — Тель-Авив : Global Finance School, 2010. — 121 с. — Режим доступа: https://e.lanbook.com/book/13877. — Загл. с экрана.
The American securities market is the largest and most complex in the world. From solid blue chips to risky junk bonds, everybody can find an appropriate investment opportunity. This book provides an initial, though thorough, introduction to Wall Street and the other financial markets all across the US. In 2007, the tax rates on foreign investments will equal the domestic rate. The American market will be more accessible and will become a central part of American investors’ world. This book is written and presented in a simple, friendly format, using many examples. Charts and figures accompany the whole text, making it easily comprehensible. Familiarity with the American securities market provides tremendous potential that can be used to bring about real gains