Options for Beginners

Options for Beginners
Simanovsky S.
Global Finance School
49 страниц

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Simanovsky, S. Options for Beginners [Электронный ресурс] / S. Simanovsky. — Электрон. дан. — Тель-Авив : Global Finance School, 2010. — 49 с. — Режим доступа: https://e.lanbook.com/book/13874. — Загл. с экрана.
When you finish reading this book you be surprised to see how interesting and the simple the subject is. However, you might find the terminology difficult, and you will need to study it. But don’t worry, after looking a few times at the options table in the newspaper and the internet, the terminology will “stick” and become a part of you. In order to make the subjects understandable and to aid in their ongoing absorption, we preferred to leave out details and subjects which are somewhat unusual, some of them marginal and technical and some of them too complex. Here and there we have strayed from being totally accurate, intentionally or unintentionally. This is a book for beginners and is not designed to make you into a professional. The knowledge gained by you will enable you to improve your profitability in the capital market, both as a saver and as a lender. The improvement will be expressed in the ability to get the best out of your financial adviser at the bank.